Our Story & Our Food

We are two local women who took the leap into the restaurant world back in August of 2015. Olivia is a former baker/caterer/personal chef who also homeschools her two kids- this may sound like a lot to tackle while owning a biz and yes, she would agree with you there! Erin, a former nurse, loves all things baked and fried which is a perfect fit since we offer so many fried options and feature her magnificent baked goods. Her three kids certainly keep her on her toes as well! The running theme here, as you can probably tell, is that we are a family centered business. You will often see a child or two running the register (they are pros by the way). But enough about us! Lets talk about the food!

Fresh. Quality ingredients-local whenever possible. Incredible flavors brought to you in an unpretentious way that won't break the bank. These are the things we strive for. We truly love what we do and hope that shines through!