Feeding Friendzy

Next Month-Nov 6th 5-8pm

Friends of Chesterfield School 


What it is

Feeding Friendzys are monthly charitable events we host here at Elliot Street Fish, Chips and More. The first Tuesday of every month, between 5-8pm we give 50% of any and all proceeds to an area organization. This project began back in October of 2015 and we are still going strong. So far, our recipients have been a pretty eclectic group including Brattleboro Youth Services, Groundworks Collaborative (formerly Brattleboro Area Drop-in Shelter), United Way Kid's in Coats, Inshuti of Rwanda-a local group that travels to Rwanda and builds homes for families, Manos-a group of local nurses who travel to Nicaragua teaching neonatal health practices, Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center, Carry Me Home-an organization sending supplies to Syrian Refugees, Brattleboro Women's Chorus, Brattleboro Area Skate Park and others. These nights are by far the busiest, most festive and enjoyable ones for staff and customers alike. Community coming together to break bread (or falafel) for a great cause is surely a special thing. 

How to participate

If you or your organization wish to become a Feeding Friendzy recipient, please call us, stop in, or email us and we will get back to you in a timely manner. We ask participants to promote the event leading up to their night- this includes promo via Facebook, email, any press they may have. The more people  you are able to bring through the door, the more money your organization will receive. It is lovely to have a member present at the event to be the face of the organization but not required.